Publications of the project

  • Fu Song, Tayssir Touili. Pushdown model checking for malware detection. TACAS 2012. PDF
  • Sébastien Bardin, Philippe Herrmann, Jérôme Leroux, Olivier Ly, Renaud Tabary, Aymeric Vincent.The BINCOA framework for Binary code analysis. CAV 2011. PDF (see also the technical report)
  • Sébastien Bardin, Philippe Herrmann and Franck Védrine. Refinement-based CFG reconstruction from unstructured programs. VMCAI 2011. PDF
  • Serge Chaumette, Olivier Ly, Renaud Tabary. Automated extraction of polymorphic virus analysis using abstract interpretation. NSS 2011. PDF
  • Sébastien Bardin, Philippe Herrmann. OSMOSE: Automatic Structural Testing of Executables. International Journal STVR. 2011. PDF
  • Fu Song, Tayssir Touili. Efficient CTL model checking for CTL. CONCUR 2011. PDF
  • Sébastien Bardin, Philippe Herrmann, Florian Perroud. An Alternative to SAT-based Approaches for Bit-Vectors. TACAS 2010. PDF
  • Sébastien Bardin, Philippe Herrmann. Pruning the search space in path-based test generation. ICST 2009. PDF

Publications related to the project from people involved in the project

  • Sébastien Bardin and Philippe Herrmann. Structural Testing of Executables. IEEE ICST 2008.
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